Why The Name, “Lava7”?


“So, what does Lava7 mean?” you ask.

Chris Brogan writes, “Today, marketing is about engaging with communities and delivering products and services with stories that spread.”


Lava spreads.

Lava makes its way to the Earth’s surface in a variety of ways. Sometimes, it erupts thousands of feet into the air. Other times it flows—slowly. In either case, lava spreads.

In much the same way, digital engagement marketing strategies vary in their delivery based upon objectives, audiences, and resources. But the common thread is, social media-driven stories spread.

When lava is hot and fresh, it continues to spread. As it cools, it hardens to create fertile platforms for growth. Even a little lava can do some good, but more lava does more good—eventually establishing far-reaching landforms that support and sustain life.


The Number “7”?

Every other number between 1 and 10, when paired with the word “Lava”, was unavailable as a dotcom.


Thanks for asking.

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