We’re insanely passionate about two bodies of thought we’ve developed and refined. One is The Digital Engagement Continuum™, and the other is Digital Behavior Blueprinting™. We utilize these to bring clarity, simplicity, and focus to each strategy, and to kick it when it comes to rubber-hits-the-road delivery.     

Our leadership team has a rich, award-winning background in message development, concepting, visual thinking, copywriting, art direction and graphic design. Our propellor heads are seo/smo/php/html/wtf/code wizards. Together, we produce relevant, compelling creative that not only engages audiences, but achieves marketing objectives. It’s a beautiful thang.

Paraphrasing Adam Singer, social media marketing thought leader, “You don’t need self-proclaimed social media experts, you need great marketers that understand social media. It isn’t about platforms, it’s about developing ideas—ideas that spread.”

Companies we’re helping:

We're Lava7— a Social Media Marketing Agency that combines remarkable mindset and creativity to execute social media strategies that achieve business objectives.

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