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What We’ve Been Buried In For The Last Year


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TV/Living Room/Web Merge is Huge For Social Media Marketing

SO, LET’S SAY YOU HAVE AN $8,000 stereo system in your…

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How Smart is Your Phone?

DO YOU OWN A SMARTPHONE YET? Smartphones’ market share is set to eventually…

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Content Meets Context

THE INTERNET BROUGHT CONTENT—lots of it. Today’s web, coupled with practical integration using sleek, remarkable tools…

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Social Media Dental Product Launch

AFTER MANY MONTHS OF DEVELOPMENT, we’re pleased to launch our newest product—a complete social media marketing solution for dental practices. We call it a “product” because of the unique characteristics…

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Lava7 CEO Guest Posts on Ning’s Blog

Last week, Laura Oppenheimer, Marketing Manager for Ning, contacted Jack about writing a guest post for their blog…

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Google Search Includes Dynamic Twitter Stream

I know that Google indexes tweets now, but I had never seen this little dynamically updating window before, based on a search term. I think it’s great. It makes Twitter a more…

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How Ning Social Networks Can Improve University Classes

Powerful, intuitive social media tools aren’t just for marketing. They represent and facilitate fundamental shifts in human interaction—shifts that can improve university learning…

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Wow… I Knew That! But She Drew It!

Jessica Hagy has perfected the power of the 3×5 card through her remarkably simple illustrations. If you love visual thinking, each work of art will cause you to stop whatever you’re doing for a few moments of reflection…

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Phone, E-mail, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, or Smoke Signals

Does e-mail still feel like the most official form of communicating important information? What are our responsibilities for checking every communication portal? Is it “official” to communicate important details via Twitter? Via SMS text?

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