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A Community Bank Teaches Four Social Media Marketing Lessons

Western Community Bank’s commitment to starting a social media engagement strategy by launching a simple blog demonstrates a proactive community mindset and willingness to lead…

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Download New eBook By Seth Godin

Digital engagement is fundamentally changing the way in which humans communicate and interact. In this space (which ALL of us are in—whether you participate or not), the more you give, the more you get. Read more…

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Old Navy Facebook App Is On Brand

“Good” campaigns may do a good job of engaging, but they may not move the brand ahead. “Great” campaigns, on the other hand, do both—engage AND remain true to the brand.

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Crowdsourcing Insights From Passionate Customers

WE OFTEN HAVE OPPORTUNITIES TO TALK WITH PEOPLE ABOUT CROWDSOURCING. Many of our clients have heard of the term before, but they’re not really familiar with its application and value…

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New Social Media ROI Video by Erik Qualman

ONCE AGAIN, ERIC QUALMAN DOES A GREAT JOB putting a relevant social media marketing topic into perspective using interesting stats and engaging video/audio production. While these types of videos are useful in…

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Social Media Marketing & Cell Phones

GROWING UP, I preferred MAD Magazine. However, I liked Dick Tracy for one reason—his watch/phone. The coolest gadget I could have ever imagined.

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Do What You’re Destined To Do

Tweet SOME MAY SAY, “NO YOU CAN’T”.  Well, yes you can. The business people in this video have… And you will too. Yes, the following video is a little long by blog standards—about 10 minutes. But if you are looking for inspiration to “muscle up” and do what you are destined to do, invest the 10 […]

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Jack Speaks at Business Conferences

HOSTED BY UNITED STATES SENATOR BOB BENNETT and the Utah Rural Development Council, this annual conference addresses the unique challenges of building successful small businesses in Utah’s rural communities. The conference’s keynote speakers …

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As Consumers Divorce Advertisers

I TALK A LOT ABOUT THE PRINCIPLE OF “PUSH VS. PULL” when it comes to social media marketing. It seems like doing so is one of the easiest ways to assist people in grasping the fundamental difference between traditional marketing and new marketing …

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