Social Media Dental Product Launch

AFTER MANY MONTHS OF DEVELOPMENT, we’re pleased to launch our newest product—a complete social media marketing solution for dental practices. We call it a “product” because of the unique characteristics of the program that allow us to take a semi-custom approach to helping dentists leverage community driven marketing to grow their practices. It’s an approach that keeps the costs very affordable for any size dental practice AND ALSO builds a one-to-one consultive, trusted relationship.

One of the most difficult things for small business owners (and particularly dentists) is finding the time to engage with customers (patients) and prospective customers. But even more frustrating than finding the time is knowing how to spend the little time they DO find. Most dentists feel overwhelmed by social media tools, and the learning curves to make them effective. Many simply get discouraged and end up doing nothing at all.

Our turn-key solution solves that problem. By having us 1) build and integrate the tools, 2) assist them in developing a long-term online marketing strategy, 3) provide the creative for 4 specific campaigns each year, and 4) support the marketing plan through a tight, blog post editorial calendar, dental practices can focus their efforts in one place. We take care of the rest.


You can read about all of the tools on the product blogsite.

And, take a look at how one dental practice is currently using the program:

Dr. Jared Theurer’s Blogsite

Dr. Jared Theurer’s Facebook Microsite Welcome Page

Dr. Jared Theurer’s Facebook New Patient Referral Program

Dr. Jared Theurer’s Twitter Page

Dr. Jared Theurer’s YouTube Channel

4 Responses


Very, very cool. There are a lot of industries that could benefit from a turn-key solution like this.


Thanks, Adam. We are really excited about it and finding good reception. However, as with all social media marketing tools, it seems to only excite the earliest adopters when it comes to a purchase decision.


Out of curiosity, why dentistry? It seems like someone would have to have a background in it to be generating content that regularly.


Good question, Dave. And you’re right. I actually have about 8 years of experience specifically in dental marketing, and have worked with hundreds of dental practices throughout North America. Thanks for your comment.

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