BlackBerry Campaign Is Tired And Boring

SO, WHAT’S HAPPENED TO “ADVERTISING”? Last April, Chris Brogan remarked in one of his posts that, “…most advertising has fallen off its original premise: to inform.”

So, why do many companies (and the agencies that produce commercials like BlackBerry’s) become so far removed from informing, and telling people compelling stories that spread?  I think one of the answers is that as people stop believing advertising, some unimaginative advertisers believe the solution is to simply make ads “cooler” and/or more interruptive. I can just hear them in their creative meetings… “Yeah—that’s the ticket. Cooler will sell.”

I get clever, fresh, and cool. I love clever, fresh, and cool. But David Ogilvy once said, “Advertising is a business of words, but advertising agencies are infested with men and women who cannot write. They cannot write advertisements, and they cannot write plans. They are helpless as deaf mutes on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera.”

Again, quoting Chris Brogan, “I think there’s the potential for a renaissance of quality advertising. I think the tools are here. I think the opportunities are powerful. All that’s required next are the minds and the passions to deliver the new (and by new, I might mean very old) advertising to people who seek to be informed instead of entertained.”

What will your business do with this opportunity? The passion in advertising creativity—coupled with today’s new media tools that engage audiences along every point of the online continuum—will change marketing and advertising forever. It’s the change that fuels social media marketing vision.

I’m curious. Which phone would you buy, based on these two ads? And I’m not asking that as a loaded question just because I am an iPhone fan.

Please. Please. To BlackBerry and every other me-too. No more ads like your BlackBerry campaign. Give us something we can hold on to. And, do it in clever, compelling, engaging and entertaining ways. You can do it. Where will tomorrow’s brilliant marketing and advertising minds (like the ones in my BYU advertising class this semester) go with this?

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Right on the money! I’ve been wondering about those Blackberry commercials for a few months now. My roommate and I were actually discussing their complete lack of substance this week.

In this market, getting a laugh, or evoking a ‘cool’ vibe just isn’t enough. Companies are falling short and grasping for straws, and it’s really disappointing.

Another example of the Blackberry syndrome is the most recent Miracle Whip commercials. It just seems like they’re trying too hard…


Thanks, Nate, for the comment. We had a long discussion about these same two ads in my advertising class last week.


I find that to be incredibly ironic.


In that ad, you had to look close to even see the word “Blackberry”. I own a blackberry curve (2 year contracts), and my apologies to Blackberry devotees, but I find the product to be unremarkable. When you sit down to right an ad, and nothing good comes from the effort, maybe it’s time to look again at the product.


Thanks, Jim, for your thoughts. You’re right… If you’re not “wowed” by the product, even great advertising won’t fix it.

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