Social Media Messaging Clarity (Part 1)

This is the first in a five-part series of posts about the importance of message clarity in your company’s social media marketing efforts. We’ll include specific “how-to” recommendations you can use to make your messaging more consistent and effective.


CONTROLLING YOUR COMPANY’S MESSAGE TO THE WORLD USED TO BE EASIER. Prior to the new marketing revolution, publishing and maintaining your message was pretty easy. All you needed to do was engage a good agency to help you come up with a sound value proposition—then, create well-written copy that flowed through your corporate capabilities brochure and legacy website. Ta-dah! There your declaration to the world sat—etched in stone forever (or at least for a few years), and nobody messed with it. Mission accomplished.

Things have changed (as cleverly shown in Tom Fishburne’s illustration above).

The dynamic, accessible nature of today’s new marketing methods allows you to leverage lots of people and many existing communities to move your message ahead. Employees, c-level types, boards of directors, customers, vendors, affiliate partners, shareholders, bloggers, minimum-wage interns, and other influencers directly (or indirectly) help tell your story—or detract from it.

And therein lies the rub. One of the drawbacks of such leverage is that there’s more liklihood that your message will be added to and/or subtracted from.

Now, let me be clear… I’m not talking about feedback, criticism, challenges, and two-way dialog. Those are welcome in new media marketing—and they absolutely come with the territory. I’m talking about additions and subtractions to your value proposition and point of innovation—the foundational blocks upon which your brand is built.

I recently had an opportunity to speak about this topic, in a five-minute, 20-slide “Crunch Lunch” format, at an entrepreneurial forum held at Novell:

Over the next couple of weeks, four additional blog posts here on our site will better develop the points covered in the video above. Please be sure you’ve subscribed to our blog (see subscription box at right).

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