To Tweet or Not To Tweet? Stupid Question?


WE TRY TO ASK OURSELVES the same rigorous questions we ask clients about their marketing efforts. We teach that tools must fit into the strategy—not vice versa. And, not every company needs every tool.

After founding Lava7 and setting up shop, we turned to our own marketing plan. One topic we struggled with was “How does Twitter fit into our strategy?” Each of the four Lava7 partners is active on Twitter, having spent time building their communities, finding relevant followers and actively posting. So, we weren’t sure how a corporate Twitter account would contribute to our goals. Should we take turns tweeting from the corporate account? Do corporate accounts feel impersonal? Would we confuse our faithful followers about how to reach us? Rich Brooks recently talked a little bit about this topic. Olivia Hayes has also talked about this before.

As we continued to look closely, we realized that we were already doing a pretty good job accomplishing our Twitter goals through individual accounts. We try to drive visibility, post thoughtful content in each of our areas of expertise, and reach out to thought leaders.

So we decided to put the @Lava7 account on ice (for now).

We’ll likely hear from naysayers who question why we don’t tweet from a corporate account. @Lava7 currently has a link that directs people to this post. We’d love to have you to follow our founding partners:  @jack_hadley, @mlkeone, @blakehadley and @lavarob (formerly @robjensendesign).

Another thing we encourage clients to do regularly is review their strategy. If one day our strategy changes, we’ll still have the tool in place. Reserving the right to change one’s mind is always a good idea.

How did you, or your company, decide what your Twitter strategy should be? We’d love to hear from you and get your feedback.

(photo courtesy: Paul Hadley)

2 Responses

The entire Lava7 team should know how much I enjoy following your tweets from each individual account, but I see a lot of value in having a shared @lava7 account.

One @lava7 account would allow me to keep track of not only news surrounding the business (news I may have missed from the personal accounts), it also makes me feel like I can get the best of everyone on the team from one place. One company account would be the first place I would go if I had a question as well.

I say bring it back. :)


Great point Tanner! Thanks for your input, we’ll discuss it more.

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