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GROWING UP, I preferred MAD Magazine. However, I liked Dick Tracy for one reason—his watch/phone. The coolest gadget I could have ever imagined.


Dick Tracy Watch Phone, originally uploaded by nmcglynn.

Forty years later it’s a reality.

HOW DOES THIS KIND OF READILY ACCESSIBLE, easy-to-use-and-upload cellular technology affect your business? Have you thought about it from a social media marketing perspective?

Let’s say you’re a small restaurant owner. If the plate you set down in front of a dining guest is gorgeous, that image may be online 30 seconds later. If the waitress serving your customer is rude, that tweet may be on Twitter 30 seconds later. See the implications?

There have never been so many opportunities to engage your target audience at so many touch points along The Digital Engagement Continuum™.

It’s a fascinating time to be marketing a business. How are you taking advantage of these opportunities?

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It’s pretty amazing where mobile tech has gone the past few years. It’s even more amazing to think about where mobile technology will be in the next 10 years!

I’ve heard a lot about restaurants using mobile to let customers order before they arrive at the restaurant, via Twitter. That way, by the time the customer actually gets to the restaurant their food is all ready and a table is setup.

Great customer experience + mobile technology = letting your customers do the marketing for you.


Thanks, Tanner. Great way to think about it. Sharing the marketing burden!


It’s fascinating to wonder about the future of technology. As social networking becomes increasingly popular, the norms of communication are shifting. I like to compare this shift to the movie Avatar. Once the main character steps foot into a world outside of Earth and spends some time there he starts to feel that the alternative world is reality and the Earth that he came from feels more like an illusion.

Social media has the power to play this same trick. As an example, I was hanging out with a friend that I frequently send messages to on Facebook. At some point, my friend got online and when I asked what he was up to, he said without thinking “I’m checking to see if Heidi sent me a message.” We both paused when this happened and had a good laugh once I reminded him I was right in front of him.

I wonder if the kids of the future will “hang-in” instead of “hang-out.” It will be interesting to study how social media continues to change marketing, and just life in general…..


Thanks, Heidi, for your comment.

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