Do What You’re Destined To Do

SOME MAY SAY, “NO YOU CAN’T”.  Well, yes you can.

The business people in this video have… And you will too.

Yes, the following video is a little long by blog standards—about 10 minutes. But if you are looking for inspiration to “muscle up” and do what you are destined to do, invest the 10 minutes. It’ll mean far more to you than the 60 minutes you wasted watching LOST last night. Just go for it. Click the start button.



After you’ve watched the video, ponder the following ideas…

How do you muscle up? Stop whining… nobody cares. The energy is in just doing it.

Create your own fantasy company. What do you do well? What is your passion? Live the fantasy.

Are you using your website (and by the way, websites are dead… of course you know that and have a blogsite by now) to really let people know who you are…. to see how goofy you are…. to see how much fun you have doing your work? Slick is easy—and boring. Doing it “real and honest” is cool—and powerful.

Amazing things happen when you leave your comfort zone.

Collaborate. Collaborate. Collaborate. Somebody in your community has an answer to your question.

Of course we pay ourselves less than we’re worth! Think of your work as a “lifestyle occupation”.

There are days when I have to remind myself to eat.

Pretty pictures are not enough any more.


What do you think? Are you doing it?

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